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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, May 16, 2010.

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    Robert Harris
    The second season of HBO's True Blood takes us into new and uncharted territory, making the lives of the characters into which our time has been invested all the more interesting, perverse, and far beyond that of the actual vampires I had met several decades ago.

    One of the nice things about placing an HBO Blu-ray in one's player, is that you know, with absolute certainty, that the image you're going to see on screen will not only far surpass what you've been seeing on cable or satellite, but will be letter (and grain) perfect to the original image as shot.

    Photographed in Super 35 / 3-perf, True Blood has wonderful photographic textures, and its final rendering in HD provides an exceptional image on Blu-ray.

    If you're a fan of the series, you'll find perfection here. In a larger sense, True Blood 2 continues an exceptional run of HBO product that never fails to impress. I cannot, off hand, think of any other entity about which that statement can be made. From a tactical perspective, this means that HBO product should be perfectly safe to pre-order.

    If vampires are your thing, and especially if you count them amongst your friends, you'll find comfort that while they cannot see the light of day, that their nights are HBO perfect.


  2. TravisR

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    Vampires aren't usually my thing but I love this show. Glad to hear the set nails it in terms of video quality.
  3. Johnny Angell

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    Johnny Angell
    Both my wife and I have read the books and loved them. We think the casting of Bill & Sookie was very good. Beyond that, we are disappointed with the series. We've continued to watch...like watching a train wreck. I think we'll take a pass on the next season.

    I do recognize that the producers of the HBO series have to "make it their own" but we just think it's gone too far astray from the books.

    BTW, I highly recommend the audio books of the "Southern Vampire" series, which we've downloaded from Audible.
  4. Nicholas Martin

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    I started watching this show thanks to a YouTube video.


    It was a series of clips with "Vampire Bill" saying the name "Sookie" over and over again and after that I had to check it out. He says that goofy name with such intensity and conviction I had to find out who he was and what his obsession with saying her name was all about.

    It's one of the most unusual shows I've ever seen. It's a bizarre mix of Buffy, CSI (when it does its more quirky episodes) and porn all poured into a big pot of Gumbo.
  5. BillyGil

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    May 19, 2010
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    ‘True Blood’ Season 2 Blu-ray Ties Extras to Social Media By Chris Tribbey HBO Video’s May 25th release of True Blood: The Complete Second Season isn’t the first Blu-ray Disc to include Facebook and Twitter features. But it may be the best. The discs allow users to post to Twitter and Facebook in real-time while watching episodes and even select certain scenes to post to Facebook. Conversely, up-to-the-minute “True Blood” Facebook page and Twitter news can be fed into the discs while fans are watching. Read more at: http://www.homemediamagazine.com/blu-ray-disc/true-blood-season-2-blu-ray-ties-extras-social-media-19541

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