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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, May 14, 2009.

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    Robert Harris
    I believe it was in late 1981 or early '82 that I was introduced to my first vampire. Unbeknownst to co-workers, she had been working the night shift at a Hollywood audio facility. Ildi -- I recall that being her name -- offered up information about her background, when in discussion she discovered my interest in vampires and the occult, and was quite open with the proviso that I not discuss the situation further at her place of employment.

    A month or so thereafter, assumedly as her comfort level reached a certain point, I was invited to join her with a few of her friends at a late night spot that I recall being around the McCadden or Las Palmas area, just off Santa Monica. I tried locating it years later, but it was no longer in evidence.

    What I discovered was that there was indeed an entire vampire sub-culture in L.A., albeit well hidden because of the level of bigotry and discrimination against their kind. Most apparently fed from blood supplies at local health facilities, and remained clear of affecting (or infecting) the local populace.

    After 25 years, leave it to Alan Ball, the creator of the hit HBO series Six Feet Under, to make the situation very public. He has taken the series of Sookie Stackhouse novels, written by Charlaine Harris and released them to the wilds of HBO, now set it in the steamy, humid fictional location in a swampy Louisiana parrish, known to all as Bon Temps.

    This is a series that starts off slowly and builds, episode by episode, gaining strength as we learn more about the inhabitants of the small parrish, and their unfortunate mind-set toward vampires, who just want to fit into society.

    Much Like L.A. in the '80s, the fictional vampires here are aren't after the locals, as they can depend upon a new blood substitute, Tru Blood, to handle their personal needs of survival.

    Those you enjoy a good vampire yarn should take nicely to this series, which updates Mr. Stoker's work, tying it in nicely at least half-way to reality in the backwoods of Bon Temps, while concurrently hitting all the right notes regarding human social issues.

    It should go without saying, but I'll make the point anyway, that as usual HBO programming has made its way to the higher resolution world of Blu-ray in the highest of style.

    As an aside, the vampire bar, Fangtasia, as represented in the series is well over the top, and a far more other-worldly place than the one that I recall. The vampires themselves were generally much more normal and buttoned-down. As to Ildi, she's apparently moved up in the world. I'm quite certain that late last year I momentarily saw her at an Academy screening. She hadn't changed a bit.

    Another gorgeous offering from HBO on Blu-ray.


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    The basement of the FBI building
    I think that is the best new show on HBO since Deadwood started.

    Thanks for the review, RAH!
  3. Joseph J.D

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    I recently completed watching Alan Ball's previous TV show Six Feet Under on DVD and I must say that I was blown away by how strong and complex each character was portrayed.....I was surprised at how much I cared about each of them and it made for a very moving experience.....Hell, it's only been a few days and I still miss those characters. [​IMG] It's the best blind buy I ever picked up and the show now stands among my all time favourite TV shows ever.

    That being said, I will definitely be picking up True Blood on Blu-ray....Alan Ball was absolutely amazing with his previous series so I greatly look forward to seeing his take on vampires. [​IMG]
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    HBO has some great TV movies that I would love to see on Blu Ray with a proper HD transfer. One of my favourites is "Wit" which they showed in HD, although it was plainly obvious it was an SD upconvert only.
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    Alan Ball couldn't do much wrong in my book when I first saw American Beauty, and that was even more evident in Six Feet Under. I also have a lifetime fascination with vampires. Used to read vampire novels even as a kid, and it always stayed.
    Since this probably won't air here, or after a very long time, this will be a blind buy.
  6. Bryan^H

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    Fantastic show. I wasn't sure about the first episode, but by the third one, I was absolutely hooked.
    I don't think I can wait for the second season blu-ray release.

    I may have to get HBO.
  7. Edward Weinman

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    I'm wondering if your tale of the past isn't better than the show!

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