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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, Apr 25, 2009.

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    Brad Anderson, who has most recently been directing episodes of Fringe has constructed an interesting film in Transsiberian. With a nod or two to Sir Alfred and some solid story structure, he's created a claustrophobic tale of strangers on a train.

    I picked this Blu-ray up on Amazon for $12 for two reasons -- to see the film and to see what kind of a presentation First Look was going to present, as I've only seen a few of their titles -- The Proposition and King of California among them.

    The blind buy gave me two positives.

    Rather than being a film borrowing a bit of plot from this or that film, Transsiberian comes away as its own effort, creating more than enough angst and discomfort in its wake.

    As for First Look, they've created a quality Blu-ray with sharp, clean imagery for a film that would have been lost in standard definition. This portends well for the likes of Dog Soldiers, due May 5, and currently priced for sell-thru at $12.99.


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    Hola Robert, you sure are tardy on this one. I got it last fall, the day it was released. I liked it too. It's no cookie cutter film, fur shore!

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