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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Robert Harris

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    Robert Harris
    I'm not certain what to make of this series. I was never a Dr. Who fan.

    My intent was to simply report the overall look and audio quality of this new BBC Blu-ray, which includes the complete series -- all 1558 minutes.

    And then I watched the pilot, and decided I'd have to find time to view the series. Something is going on here, although I have no idea precisely what. It does grab one's attention.

    It also appears that I've not yet gotten past the old concept that anything from the UK was going to sputter and lurch on screen, the old 25 to 24fps, Pal to NTSC syndrome. It's been a number of years since the old problems that might be found on Masterpiece Theater or I, Claudius.

    For anyone else who recalls the bad old days, Torchwood is a whole new animal.

    Shot on HD, and looking quite beautiful rendered on Blu-ray, I believe Torchwood will thrill its regular viewers and fans and possibly snare some new ones.

    A gorgeous release from BBC, that comes packaged much like Deadwood, bound into a book with 12 discs that comfortably slide out from the bound pages.


  2. Bob Cashill

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    The first two seasons of TORCHWOOD were, well, rocky; I gave up on it. But the five-episode third season, CHILDREN OF EARTH, is up there with the best science fiction thrillers; a complete nail biter and whipsmart. Do watch that anyway. "Highly recommended," as you say, and Wikipedia can bring you up to speed if you decide to ditch the other two. (The fourth season, now on Starz, is iffy again but showing signs of life.)
  3. Brian Kidd

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    Yeah, the first two seasons were wildly uneven. There were some great episodes and some dreadful episodes. I still say that the first two seasons are worth watching, in general. CHILDREN OF EARTH, on the other hand, is amazing. The current series has a great premise, but, after three episodes, it feels a bit too "Americanized" for me. Still really good and worthwhile, but not up the high standard set by CoE.
  4. dmiller68

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    David Miller
    I think I'm somewhere in season 2... Watching it on Netflix Streaming which is in HD. I have to say I'm really enjoying the Starz version.

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