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    For those who may be unaware, Phyllida Lloyd's The Iron Lady, is equally a bio-pic of UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her career, as well as an examination of aging and the affects of dementia.

    Meryl Streep, who has been accorded proper respect for her role as the adult Thatcher (she's played by as a younger woman by Alexandra Roach), gives an extraordinary performance, which is helped enormously by superb make-up. It's interesting that make-up, which some may take for granted can make or break a performance, or a film. Take a look at J. Edgar, and you'll see what happens when problems arise.

    Shot on 3-perf film, and taken through post as a 2k DI at deluxe, The Iron Lady was beautifully rendered film, and the Blu-ray follows suit in every regard.

    A wonderful, albeit occasionally distressing film, it comes Highly Recommended on Blu-ray.

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    Thanks to your review, I'll probably give this film a viewing. I was very hesitant after sitting through Phyllida Lloyd's "Mama Mia," a train-wreck of a musical that showed, in my feeble opinion, an apparent lack of filmmaking knowledge and experience.

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