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    Robert Harris
    After my initial theatrical viewing of The Hurt Locker I was trying to put my finger on precisely why I was feeling so positive about the film. And then it came to me. It was believable. It had a crisp, clear, definite reality to it. It took me to a place I'd rather not be, leaving me in awe of the people who do the jobs they do.

    And it reminded me, with this cinematic vein of reality, of another film that left me wondering how the filmmakers somehow found a pimp... who could act, and give a realistic portrayal. I was unfamiliar of his earlier work, but seeing Morgan Freeman as Fast Black in Street Smart (1987) had me believing that I was watching the real thing.

    And so it is with The Hurt Locker. I don't know how exacting the details are as shown in the film as I haven't been there. But it feels right, and real. As a viewer you believe, and care strongly about the characters.

    Viewing the film on Blu-ray left me as it had in 35mm, totally impressed with the production from all aspects. Now down-rezzed to Blu-ray, it still looked like a 35mm print. That's one of the nicest things that can be said of a Blu-ray disc, and the technical capabilities of the system.

    Do I have any problems with this Summit release? Nothing from either a content or technical level. Everything there is first class. My only suggestion would be to allow the viewer to bypass trailers if they so choose. Not a big deal, but it would provide a cleaner overall package, especially for a film of the quality of The Hurt Locker. This is a film that doesn't quite fit the Summit mold, but it's a superb direction in which to move.

    The Hurt Locker is a relatively low budget affair. It was shot on Super 16 and HD, and was put through a 2k DI toward a 35mm blow-up. The film that received early festival support, but has had a strange release pattern. Per imdb.com, it premiered September 4 of 2008 at the Venice Film Festival, followed only four days later by a screening at The Toronto Fest. It received an American opening March 17, 2009 at the South by Southwest Fest, followed by AFI Dallas later in the month. By mid-April, a DVD had already been released in Brazil. It wasn't until June that The Hurt Locker was positioned for a limited US release. This speaks volumes for those who stood behind it and pushed it forward, inclusive of Summit, but what a strange and ignominious birth for such an extraordinary film.

    The Hurt Locker is my personal Best Picture for 2009. Director Kathryn Bigelow appears to have created a film that should fit into a very discreet group that stand the test of time. As years go by, it may well turn out to be the most important telling of this era in American history.

    Both as a film and as a Blu-ray release, The Hurt Locker is Very Highly Recommended.

    It is not to be missed.

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    I am with you on your review of the DVD. It looks great. Nothing to complain about here.

    I am also with you on The Hurt Locker for the Best Picture Oscar™.

    I also believe that Kathryn Bigelow should win for Best Director.
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    What happened to the Beckham subplot?
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    According to the commentary Beckham is the kid that James sees at the camp after Eldridge has been injured. James is mistaken when he thinks the mutilated body packed with explosives is Beckham. I thought it was a different kid myself but it appears I was mistaken.
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    Tony D.
    I thought it was pretty clear where that subplot went, was there any question that.....

    the boy with the explosives in him wasn't beckham? I didn't see anything or anyone else it could have been, this is why the next boy that came around trying to sell dvds was ignored, he would have ended up the same, James certainly didn't want to get attached to another kid and cause that kid to be murdered too.
    I agree best movie I saw last year.

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