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    The great William Wyler's The Children's Hour (1961), a remake of These Three, a 1936 Goldwyn production, interesting directed by Mr. Wyler.  I can only think of a few times films have been remade by their original directors.  The original had Ms Hopkins opposite Merle Oberon, as photographed by Gregg Toland (Song of the South).

    Another new offering from MGM via Kino Lorber, and overall a far better looking release than On the Beach.  Black and white image, again in 1.66, with a very nice palette of grays, as well as requisite black levels.  Grain appears normal.

    Great cast.  Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, James Garner in the leads, with support from a couple of greats from the golden era -- Miriam Hopkins and Fay Bainter.

    This is a beautiful film, that stands the test of time.

    Great score from Alex North.  Wonderfully photographed by Franz Planer (Letter from an Unknown Woman, The Caine Mutiny, Roman Holiday).

    Only downside are some dirty dupes.

    Image - 4

    Audio - 4.5



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    I'm glad HTF gets to have a review of this film. We requested a review copy but didn't receive one. Having reviewed the DVD some years ago, I was curious to the looks of the movie on Blu-ray. Glad to see it passes muster.

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