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    "It was written, then."

    Some people seem to have the idea that Billy Bob Thornton somehow miraculously arrived on the cinema scene at the Telluride Film Festival in 1996 with Sling Blade, which he wrote (based upon his own play), directed and in which he starred.

    Those who may be new to the film are in for a treat, as Mr. Thornton, in the role of the caring and troubled Karl Childers, creates a character into which he morphs that is nothing less than masterful.

    Sling Blade was taken through several incarnations, beginning as an on-stage monologue, a short film directed by George Hickenlooper, and finally, at the incredibly limiting cost of under $900,000 as Thornton's own feature film. The low budget does not inhibit the quality of the film.

    Previously available on DVD in a "Director's Cut" at 13 minutes longer, Sling Blade finally hits Blu-ray in its 135 minute version as distributed theatrically, and all is well with the disc.

    The time has come when I have a built in negative reaction to seeing Miramax titles via Disney. After the abortive releases of Cold Mountain in standard definition and Gangs of New York in both standard and Blu, my antennae are on high alert for problems.

    Fortunately, something seems to have changed at Disney, and the Miramax films MAY be getting proper treatment. The problems with the earlier two seem to go back to the way that they were handled at the post house, which will go unmentioned.

    Sling Blade on Blu-ray from Disney is a high quality release that deserves one's attention.

    Highly Recommended.

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    Great film, but sad to hear about the lack of the DC.
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    The press release for the film mentions the running time of the Director's Cut on this Blu-ray, but Mr. Harris is correct that what has been released is not the longer version.

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