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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Robert Harris
    Strange, that after writing a few words about The Pink Panther on Blu-ray, and using the word "sideways" in reference to the photographic process, that we move along to a few words about...

    I loved Sideways when it arrived in theaters, and when it arrived on DVD, its charm was still intact, but the look of the film was gone. Sideways has a beautiful, smooth, hazy look to it, which is difficult to capture on standard definition DVD.

    Now on Blu-ray, I'm thrilled that Sideways looks as it did in theaters -- precisely like film.

    Thank you, Fox Home Entertainment!

    One anomaly that I continue to see is the use of a Fox Searchlight logo inconsistent with the quality and resolution of Blu-ray, as banding and digital problems are extremely evident. A higher resolution logo would be a nice addition for future releases.

    Any discussion of the plot would create a damaged first viewing, so I won't go there. Suffice to say that whether your personal taste leans toward a nice merlot, a pinot noir, or even a huge shiraz, Sideways will be a film long remembered in every delicious detail.

    Very Highly Recommended.

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    Yet another title to add. I can "gift" my SD copy to a friend of mine who is not planning a foray into the world of hi-def media (of any kind) anytime soon. You are also right to not give away plot points.
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    Craig Seanor
    I love this film, glad to hear the BD is a worthwhile upgrade. Think I'll snag it at Fry's tonight.
    I know exactly what you're talking about with that logo. It's not just a problem on disc - the artifacts are even more painfully obvious in theatrical viewings of Fox Searchlight films. C'mon, Fox, how hard would it be to re-render this at a higher resolution??

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