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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, Apr 14, 2011.

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    Robert Harris
    Presuming that the original negative (or an IP) of the film still survives, or were made available to Lionsgate, it should not have been a major affair to have produced a sparkling, new HD master, while concurrently creating digital preservation elements which could also be used for digital cinema needs.

    As it is, one of the great and fun thrillers of the '90s has made its way to Blu-ray in less than stellar form.

    Scream is by no means a disaster or Blu-ray crisis harkening to Patton or Gangs of New York. It is quite viewable, even on a large screen, but it does have an edginess that it needn't. Color, densities, black levels all seem very reasonable, but the overriding digital look of the transfer just isn't necessary for a 9000 foot film from 1996.

    For that who aren't picky about their Blu-ray viewing, Scream should be just fine. For those who are, there is no way around the imperfections. Audio has no problems as DTS-HD Master Audio.

    While this is a release that I cannot recommend, neither will I attempt to sway buyers from purchasing. Unless one is very picky...

    Scream on Blu-ray is decidedly okay.

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    Totally agree. They're not utter disasters, but the transfers are very outdated.
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    Since I paid $8 for each disc, I can live with their limitations.

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