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A Few Words About A few words about...™ Moonlight -- in Blu-ray

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Robert Harris

    Robert Harris Archivist

    Feb 8, 1999
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    Robert Harris
    Moonlight, the superb drama directed by Barry Jenkins, was, as we all know, the second film to be presented as Best Picture of 2016.

    It's a superbly crafted film, with beautiful performances, that makes its point meticulously.

    As a Blu-ray, it's an odd one.

    Shot with an Alexa XT Plus, which yields an image softer than one might presume, with a pleasant almost film-like appearance, strangely similar to that of Fences, which was shot on 35mm film, and take through post in 2k.

    Looking at the nine films up for Best Picture, three were shot on film (Hidden, La La and Fences), while the other six (Hacksaw, Hell, Moonlight, Arrival, Manchester and Lion) were all shot with variants of an Alexa XT.

    What's of interest is how VERY different the final result appears, with some being very suitable for an uprez to 4k, while others looking very nice and presentable, but lacking that special snap of resolution.

    All of which one must presume is by design.

    Moonlight is a film that should be seen. Like Manchester, you may not exit whistling a happy tune, but it does demand your attention.

    Image - 5

    Audio - 5

    4k Up-rez - 5

    Pass / Fail - Pass


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  2. Tino

    Tino Executive Producer

    Apr 19, 1999
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    Bought the blu last week. After being disappointed in my theatrical viewing I want to give it another chance and look forward to watching it again. Hope I enjoy it more. It's happened before. :D
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