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    Robert Harris
    What I don't do for HTF.

    With great trepidation of placing myself in the cross-hairs, I added a Samsung 55" 8000 3D monitor and a Samsung 6900 3D Blu-ray player to my library of gear.

    I got the requisite glasses, as well as the aforementioned from Value Electronics in Scarsdale, NY -- one of a handful of brick & mortar facilities in the country in which you can actually sit down and view a dozen or so flat panels concurrently. Rather than a salesman, the owner is a television broadcast engineer. Strange.

    All monitors are perfectly tuned to reproduce a high quality video image the way that it should be seen.

    When I visited, they had just given up their Monsters demo disc as well as their only Samsung 6900 to a customer who had to have it.

    Which means that I blindly lugged all of this gear home, set it up and waited for an appropriate moment, fully charges 3D glasses at the ready, to see how silly the entire proposition was.

    The surprise was on me.

    Going into the first moments of the film, all that I could do was smile.

    Everything worked precisely and perfectly.

    The image from Dreamworks via Paramount was glorious.

    The monitor perfect.

    I've got to return to the image quality.

    Magnificent color, beautifully rendered in all its digital glory, with a fully resolved, crisp, clean and clear image. Not a scratch or bit of minus density in sight. As if the production wasn't created on film.

    A wonderful tip of the hat early on to Warner Bros. House of Wax.

    I know where 3D went in 1953-54. Nowhere.

    The only film that I felt used the technology properly was Dial "M" for Murder, and that was for a single shot.

    Mr. Cameron has changed all that with a film that uses the technology to advantage and not gimmicks.

    I'm certain that more than a dozen or more people are counting the days and hours for Avatar to arrive from Fox in 3D, and can report that the technology, at least for animation, is superb in every aspect. The glasses are unobtrusive, light, and do not eat up any high amount of light output.

    This is the most fun to be had since 'ol Major "King" Kong rode that bomb.

    Samsung's 3D system works beautifully.

    Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D is Highly Recommended. It left a smile on my face.

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    Thanks for the glowing spin on this one, RAH.


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