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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, Apr 17, 2010.

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    Robert Harris
    The body of work left by author Philip K. Dick as a potential source of film projects is huge, but those works don't always translate easily to the screen, and don't always make the transition successfully.

    Probably his most famous work to cinephiles is the 1968 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, which was filmed by Ridley Scott in 1982. Total Recall is another. His works continue to go before the camera, the most recent being John Simon's Radio Free Albemuth, which is not yet in release.

    Right at the pinnacle, alongside Blade Runner, and in my personal opinion above Total Recall, stands Steven Spielberg's huge production of Minority Report. In Mr. Spielberg's capable hands, this short story became an extraordinary 2002 production, with cast and production credits that could not be bettered.

    Viewing Minority Report, which I haven't seen in a number of years, I was amazed at the quality of the image, and of the perfect audio reproduction. One of the things that stood out in the mix was an apparent use of LFE just above the point at which it becomes low frequency noise, and how it interacts with the rest of the track, which in the case of Minority Report is via DTS-HD Master Audio. Those with properly tuned higher end systems will readily hear this.

    I've read through a number of on-line discussions relative to rating a film on home video, and concepts seem to be all over the map. Many people still believe that "pretty" should come before authentic. As a 2002 production, Minority Report is both.
    To my eyes and ears, this is a perfect Blu-ray, distinguishing itself in all areas, and taking advantage of the Blu-ray system as it was designed to be used. The 146 minute film is on a single disc, while all extras are found on another, with new HD content.

    BTW, I continue to note this is a "Steven Spielberg" production, and so it is, but like filmmakers Bergman, Lean, Ford, Hitchcock and many others, once a formula works, it in most cases continues. So it is here, and it would be impolitic to not mention cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, editor Michel Kahn and composer John Williams. All of their work transitions perfectly to Blu.

    Minority Report will remind you what high end home theater is all about.

    Highly Recommended.


    As an aside, for more information on the work of Philip K. Dick, go here: http://www.philipkdick.com/
  2. Richard Travale

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    Rich Travale
    Wow! Great review sir. I will definitely be picking this up now. Thank you.
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    I've never been much of a fan of Spielberg the director. His directing just never hits the spot for me. I'm always thinking "well, I see what he's trying to do, but if he would have just done this.."
    However, Minority Report is an exception. I really liked that movie. It's in my top 3 Spielberg films.
    Nice to see it got a great blu-ray release.
  4. TravisR

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    I'm sure it was mentioned in the review thread but nearly all the bonus features were carried over from the DVD. The only thing missing is the video game commercial, cast and filmmaker bios and production notes and none of that is a deal breaker. Paramount did a great job with this release (especially since it's only $20).
  5. Southpaw

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    Agreed. Great A/V quality for a great movie. You couldn't ask for a better visual remaster job and the audio is perfect as well. So glad I supported their effort with a purchase.
  6. Ron-P

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    Picked it up today, watching it tonight...looking very forward to it.
  7. Felix Martinez

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    South Florida
    Saw this last night. Looked and sounded AMAZING (front projection, 92-in screen). I was quite startled by the visual quality. Just beautiful.

    I still have some issues with the film itself; there are some maddening plot holes and contrivances that for some reason just annoy me to no end. On the other hand, I've since accepted the wild shifts in tone - which mostly occur after the first act - and now the film works for me almost like a black-satire that just happens to be disguised as an impeccably-produced thriller/sci-fi film.

    It was amusing to notice the sound of an iPhone charging when the retina scan is confirmed (the last time I revisited this film on DVD was prior to the iPhone launch in the summer of 2007), and some of the hand gestures and technology interfaces come across as exaggerated, virtual multi-touch. So many other resonances, which is why I really now enjoy this film for its ideas and production value.

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