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    I offered the thoughts below on August 26, 2006 -- just short of three years ago. Many potential buyers did not add this film to their libraries, as they wanted it in high definition. On 23, 2007, the film arrived on the already waning HD format, but by then the die had been cast, and few made the purchase. In December of 2007, WB attempted to dispel the rumor that they were about to drop HD and go exclusively Blu-ray. A couple of weeks later, it was no longer a rumor.

    After a relatively short changeover period, Universal's initial Blu-ray offerings, the modern Mummy series, ushered in Blu at Universal in July of 2008.

    Almost a year later, Mr. Lee's Inside Man arrives on Blu-ray -- finally safe to purchase -- and looking as good, if not a bit better than its HD counterpart. This is a beautifully rendered Blu-ray, with rich deep blacks and a full gray scale.

    As an aside, in a move that occurred so quickly that few consumers will notice, Universal corrected to an audio problem, shipping corrected discs well in advance of the June 2 release date. The corrected version has a red background to the credit block on the reverse of the packaging.

    Having rechecked this new Blu-ray against the original standard definition, it once again proves that the difference between the formats is night and day.




    (Originally posted 8/26/06)

    "I learned something extremely important by viewing Universal's Inside Man.

    1. This a quality film, which I recommend. It's great to share an alma mater with Mr. Lee.

    2. Having been viewing essentially high definition software for the past couple of weeks with few exceptions, watching Inside Man in SD has proven that there are more differences between the two formats than expected.

    Let's begin with the film. This is all around fine filmmaking from Mr. Lee. This latest joint to hit DVD is great fun.

    That said, and not to cause rumbles within the community, but this is also a film that will be quite different in HD. Not simply with better color tonalities, black levels, shadow detail and overall resolution.

    There are films that go well beyond that -- into the details in the frame.

    There are some films in which HD hits on a visceral level. Much like 70mm and other large formats, the technology affects the performances. This is a known. It always occurs. Sometimes to the detriment of the performances. In this case, it will benefit them, as Mr. Washington, Mr. Owen, Ms. Foster, Mr. Plummer, looking especially dapper playing a man close to 90, as well as those supporting them are superb.

    This is one of the films affected by technology and the quality of playback.

    As entertained as I was, there was never a moment when I wasn't reminded that I was viewing video and not film.

    And it is this visceral addition that is going to bring HD to the fore well in advance of expectations.

    When the format arrived several months ago, there were prognostications that it would be an elitist format, much like laserdisc.

    There were discussions that there might not be 75 titles out by the end of the year.

    I currently have around 40 in my library.

    There are another 40 already announced for release before December, with release dates being held very close to initial announcements.

    After seeing the SD of Inside Man, I'm betting that the HD format in general, and I'm not being specific about either HD or BD, will be a major proportion of sales within 18 -24 months.

    It's going to happen.

    The point of all this is that once you experience HD, there is no going back. Everything else looks like video.

    That said, until the HD of Inside Man arrives, the SD will do very nicely.

    What an entertaining film!

    I recommend it Highly!"

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    How is the audio track in general?

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