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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, Apr 12, 2009.

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    When a Hellraiser Lament Cube arrived at my door, I took one look, set it aside, and got a copy of the new Hellraiser standalone on Blu-ray.

    The cube is certainly nice, and I'm told that it contains HR 1 in Blu and 2 in SD, both with some new extras, but I wasn't opening it. I'm not seeking new problems.

    Hellraiser on Blu-ray is a nicely transferred affair with a clean image, good blacks and colors, and a Dolby TrueHD track.

    Clive Barker's now classic tale is a must-see for genre fans that either haven't discovered it over the past two decades, or whose parents wouldn't let them see it fearing it might rot their souls.

    Anything is possible, and while I'm steering clear of all Cenobites, I can report that this is a very good-looking Blu-ray.

    If you already have a copy of Hellbound on SD, then the box is probably not the way to go, and the standalone Blu-ray will meet your requirements.


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    Good news. One of my favorite horror movies, and I'm glad to see a lot of these classics get great hi-def transfers.

    It's just too bad Coil got cold feet and didn't want their music featured in the final film. The stuff they did is way more eerie than what's in there.

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