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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, Sep 22, 2013.

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    Finally sat down to watch Halloween for the first time uninterrupted from start to finish since I purchased the first DVD edition (late 90's?). First thing I noticed was what sounded like portions of the soundtrack near the beginning of the film were rescored with heavy-metal samples of the original theme. It didn't go on very long but it was glaring. Haven't seen anyone else talk about this so I thought I'd mention it. As for the picture "revisions", I don't mind the desaturated look as it looks more like late-Fall, which is when the events of the film take place. Whether or not this was the intended look I have no idea but it does look good.
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    Saw the new blu-ray a couple days ago and thought it looked very nice. I would have pushed the greens a little more toward yellow during the daylight scenes, but I'm picking nits and who the hell cares what I think anyway. I do like the desaturated look of the daylight scenes.

    I am surprised by Cundey's comments that he wasn't involved in any previous transfer, but I took this to mean his involvement in an HD transfer, which for the past decade of DVD and blu-ray releases has been based on the Anchor Bay DiviMax HD transfer, if memory serves.

    But yes, I would be very surprised if he did not approve the '99 version as his involvement was very clearly disclosed on the DVD packaging.

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