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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, Oct 26, 2007.

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    Robert Harris
    I've never been able to quite categorize the Hughes Brothers' From Hell, brought to us by Fox Home Video on Blu-Ray disc.

    It seems to take sharp turns, veering between grisly police drama to an almost Hammerish texture of the '50s, and then on to the comic book style of it's source material. It's odd.

    But I like it, and always have since it arrived way back in 2001.

    Johnny Depp does a beautiful turn as a police inspector, with shades of Mr. Holmes in his spirit, right down to shared addictions. Scenes in an opium den take me back to the 1919 Griffith production Broken Blossoms.

    As a disc, this BD captures the film's look magnificently. Some may find the blacks looking a bit crushed, but this is, I believe, where they belong.

    Peter Deming's cinematography almost brings out the putrid smells of turn of the century London, with dark alleys and light available only where one can find it. In blacks, coloration and texture, it almost harkens back to some of the best of Gordon Willis.

    From Hell is a film that I would have appreciated simply on style, but fortunately here style and substance go together.

    A beautiful film that comes Highly Recommended as a great Blu-Ray product.

  2. Jefferson Morris

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    Thanks for the review, Mr. Harris. I've also always found this film fascinating. It doesn't necessarily all gel together, but what's there is compelling, and the cast is great. Glad to hear it's made its way to high-def. I'll have to give this some consideration for a purchase.

    --Jefferson Morris
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    From Hell is one of this week's $9.99 Blu-rays at Fry's.

    As is now my ritual, before buying, I check this forum. Even $9.99
    is too much for a film on Blu-ray if the picture quality of the film
    (in addition to the quality of the film itself) is sub-par for this format.

    Glad to see your highly valuable "few words" about this film.

    Most appreciated, as always, Mr. Harris.

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