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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, Jan 21, 2012.

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    Robert Harris
    I had only seen a single Jean Rollin film (Grapes of Death), and came away realizing that his work was probably not for me. While others may see the works as artistic vampire films, I see images of people sitting, standing, but usually walking up or down stairs. Many of them are vampires. And apparently budgets on these films are small, as the vampires are seldom costumed. I'm not suggesting that that's a bad thing.

    These are attractive vampires.

    For those fans of the prolific director (he has over 40 films to his credit, under his real name in addition to others), a new series of five of his films is being released via Redemption. I like their logo. The majority, if not all of these, are being transferred from original negatives, and this is a good thing.

    I sampled both Fascination, which was recommended to me as one of his best, as well as Lips of Blood, and they are quality transfers.

    Color is nicely reproduced. Black levels are healthy, while reds tend toward vampiric.

    Any Rollin fan will be thrilled with all five films:

    Fascination - 1979

    Lips of Blood - 1974

    The Iron Rose - 1973

    The Shiver of the Vampire - 1971

    The Nude Vampire - 1969

    I have but a single caveat. While images have been harvested from the original negatives, it appears that little or no digital clean-up has been performed. Minus density is in one's face, with large chunks for dirt showing up, especially noticeable in dark scenes.

    Even a small (additional) investment could have made these films shine. What they need is a very light auto-pass, which would get rid of the majority of the problems.

    Short of that, these are very good looking Blu-rays.

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    Thanks, Robert. I'm looking forward to the next batch, and especially LIVING DEAD GIRL. I hope GRAPES OF DEATH gets a bd release some time too -- apparently it won't come from Synapse in the US however (from what I was told). Any word on who Redemption might be working with in the UK, if anyone at all? Being that these are region free, maybe they aren't even interested in any other distributor.

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