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    Steve Buscemi, who plays "Nucky" Thompson, the veritable king of Atlantic City in this series, has been working in film for three decades, and has been in some terrific films, in which he's given great performances.

    But not until Boardwalk Empire has he really been allowed to shine.

    I initially attempted to watch the first episode of BE back in September of 2010, and gave up, as my cable provider was unable to support a signal without continuously dropping frames.

    My frustration was made even worse, as I was aware that the premiere episode had been directed by Martin Scorsese, and I recalled seeing something else of his in the past, and remembered liking it.

    Sixteen months later, courtesy of Amazon, I was finally able to immerse myself in the world of Boardwalk Empire, and was unable to look away.

    As I was viewing the series, I was wondering "What must the current Atlantic City tourism board be thinking?"

    Rather than shy away from murder, mayhem, sex, booze and violence, they seem to be promoting it. "Guests of the iconic seaside destination will have the opportunity to experience new city-wide promotions in the spirit of Boardwalk Empire and in the "throwback" style of the Roaring 20s."

    I'm not at all certain what this means.

    Shot on 35mm film, and channelled through a digital intermediate, thereby including effects, the final product is gorgeous. Seeing it on Blu-ray is the immersive experience that one would wish. Occasionally, while viewing, I would think... "This looks like three-strip Technicolor."

    The cast seems to live in the a real environment, which makes the series, much like Deadwood, seem even more natural. It is proven once again that HBO does not create typical TV.

    Five Blu-ray discs. 733 minutes plus some decent extras.

    All in all, a superb Blu-ray experience, using the abilities of the format to achieve the highest levels of image and audio quality.

    And fairly priced at $45.

    As an aside, the second season wrapped broadcast on December 11 of last year. Hopefully HBO will make this available more quickly. While HBO looks fine in broadcast, the image quality takes on a new life on Blu-ray, which is my preferred viewing environment.

    Highly Recommended.

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    I'm also hoping the second season comes out sooner rather than later.
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    One of the best things on TV right now. I want to keep the discussion spoiler free but I'll say that I thought the second season was even better than the first.

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