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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, Jan 30, 2010.

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    Robert Harris
    Atonement was my personal favorite of Best Picture of 2007, and I'm thrilled to see it finally make the upgrade as one of the final HDs to BD.

    To my mind, Atonement is one of a handful of "magical" films that envelop the viewer and remind us what quality cinema is really about. On many levels, the film stands as a love story as well as a tale of the elements behind the creation of "literature," all surrounded by an almost Rashoman-ish texture of viewpoints and accuracy regarding what young Saoirse Ronan's character actually sees or feels.

    It is an extremely literate film that needs to be experienced.

    The new Blu-ray services that need perfectly.

    For those who have not experience the film, I suggest a viewing, if not ownership.

    From a purely visceral and technical level, Director Joe Wright and his cinematographer Seamus McGarvey and camera crew have given us what I perceive as the second most difficult and beautiful continuous shot in cinema -- the Dunkirk sequence. To find further single shot pyrotechnics, you'll have to visit Russian Ark. For my money, that one shot alone is worth the price of admission. After viewing, a good read can be found here, at the ASC / American Cinematographer website:


    As always, I suggest supporting the publication with subscriptions.

    Universal's Atonement, with stunning imagery and audio, and finally on Blu-ray is...

    Very Highly Recommended.

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    Thanks as always, RAH!

    I just finished writing in Kevin's review thread that I'm convinced enough to do the blindbuy now (w/ help from a nice deal). And here you are putting the finishing touches to get me to run, don't walk, to go get it. ;-)

    I'm hooked! :tu: Thanks again!


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