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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, Apr 24, 2012.

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    At 113 minutes, Rodrigo Garcia's Albert Nobbs, seems like a longer film than it is. That's not necessary a bad thing, especially in a film that is essentially a very special character study. Glenn Close does a superb job, playing a women who must pass as a man in order to find work in mid-19th century, Victorian Dublin.

    Nobbs is in many ways a tragedy, following downcast "Albert" as she attempts to survive in an unfair society.

    Shot on a Red, and taken though a DI, the Blu-ray has an interesting look. Definitely not film, nor making any attempt to pass as film, whatever may appear to be grain is not. If we see anything at all, what we have is the imagery as captured by the chip. It's an odd situation. Looking a bit soft at times, but as we know, in the digital world, it is what it is.

    Albert Nobbs is a film that one views first for the performances, and then the storyline.

    While I'm not certain that this is a multiple view situation, it would be time worth spending for the performances alone.

    Lionsgate does something on their Blu-rays that I abhor. Forced trailers.

    On Albert Nobbs, there are 5 or 6 of them. They cannot be easily bypassed by hitting a menu button, but rather must be gotten around by using one's chapter advance -- but only once the next trailer has arrived. I find this an immense nuisance, and a waste of time, especially if one is viewing something multiple times, or returning to an unfinished viewing.

    Keep in mind that Albert Nobbs is not Downton Abbey. It is a beautifully styled piece of work, taking place essentially at a hotel, at which Albert is a part of the staff. She has dreams of a real life, but as I noted, this is a tragedy.

    Definitely worth a rental.

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    It could be much worse - Warner forces you to scan through their trailers (often as many as 5 or more) on their rental discs. Chapter Skip and Top Menu are locked out.


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