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Robert Harris

Feb 8, 1999
Real Name
Robert Harris
The question will always be considered, should this film, derived from the writing of Mishima, have been moved from Japan to the West of England?

I'm not in a position to answer that.

However, as written for the screen, and directed by Lewis John Carlino, it remains an interesting, thoughtful, sometimes difficult film to view.

Sarah Miles gives an extraordinary performance, and a short discussion that she offers as an extra opens as many questions as it answers. Deep thinker? I believe so. I've a feeling that Robert Bolt would not have married someone because they had nice teeth.

The film has been trashed in the past. There was an adequate DVD, followed by an absolutely impermissible Blu-ray (I kept the DVD, trashed the Blu).

But finally the film appears reasonably correct and nice. Not perfect, mind you. It appears to be an older transfer, probably from an IP, with a bit of movement within the frame, and bit of detritus, especially in some awful dupes, but it's head and shoulders above the last trashy Blu.

Is it for everyone?

Don't think so. But definitely for more folks than are simply Mishima fans.

Kudos to Kino for licensing the first decent element made available.

Image – 4

Audio – 5

Pass / Fail – Pass

Upgrade from previous Blu-ray – The old DVD was better than the previous.


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