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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by JayKellen, Jan 15, 2004.

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    I just had a few questions about some basic things, and I hope I do not get in trouble for posting in the wrong section, since this is the basics board....anyway, I appreciate it if someone can clear up a few things for me regarding home theater

    1. Some of the movies I have say dual layer, yet I still have to take the DVD out and insert disk 2..I thought dual layer meant you do not have to do this?? (Gangs of New York for example)

    2. I was told that your sub should be elevated and facing backwards for best bass effects. If it is on the ground next to your TV for example, then the bass goes straight into the floor, which it shouldnt do.

    3. Some cable programs, especially MTV, have full surround sound, including rears, while others have sound coming from the fronts only. Is there a setting I have incorrect, or do some stations only come in at a certain level?

    4. Lastly, and this is just out of curiosity on my part, I was wondering how many DVD's some of you have in your collection. My goal is to get all of my vhs tapes onto dvd, and this might take me a while, but currently, i have 245 dvds and 200 vhs tapes.

    Thanks for any info, and again, sorry if this post is out of place, I didnt really know where else to put it.
  2. ChrisWiggles

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    1. extra layers on a DVD provide more data storage, but if you have a long movie, or with lots of extras and such, it can spill over, thus require multiple DVDs. It doesn't automatically mean that you won't need more discs. If it is more than one layer can handle, a second layer may be able to cram it all on one disc, or it may be even more than that (thus 2)

    2. I have a downward firing subwoofer (SVS). So dunno where that advice came from, but not so.

    3. What are you using as your source? You should be able to manually apply PLII processing (or another similar) to get surround from stereo sources.

    4. I have 4. [​IMG] And one of those is Avia, so maybe that's 3. My HT is still in progress, so I'll start buying movies later.
  3. Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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    1. What Chris said. [​IMG]

    2. I suggest getting your home theater advice from someone else.

    3. To get a particular program in surround sound, all these "stars" have to be in alignment: a)You have to have a receiver that processes Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro-Logic (most TV surround sound programming will be in Pro-Logic except for some premimum movie channels). b)You have to have a compatable cable box, sat receiver, etc. - i.e., one that delivers stereo analog audio or digital coaxial feed. c)The channel you're watching has to be delivered in stereo by your cable or satellite company. d)The program you're watching has to have been recorded for surround sound.

    Even with all the "stars in alignment," you'll probaby find that most TV surround programming only has the music in surround. It's rare to see left-to-right panning from action. Front-to-rear panning - virtually never.

    4. Not a lot - perhaps a couple dozen. We rent more than buy.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt
  4. Ed Moxley

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    If a tv show is only coming from the front speakers, is it in stereo, or is the same thing coming from both speakers?
    It may be that particular show is broadcast in mono..........
    You mentioned cable.............when I was using cable, there was only a hand full of channels that cable let through in stereo. Most were mono. Didn't even work with my PL receiver..........
  5. Stephen Weller

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    1) Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. (The Great Escape is on one disc.)

    2) The "old" school says "all speakers benefit in bass response by elevating them off the floor." It wasn't meant to apply to subs. It was in reference to multi-way loudspeakers and it's true. If you set the speaker on a cinder block the bass response will improve (somewhat). And it adds that charming decotator's touch, too. Try orienting your sub in different ways. If it pleases you, do it.

    3) Can't say. Wouldn't have cable. But we have two local stations that light the stereo indicator; yet produce the most obnoxious synthesized sound you'd ever wnat to hear. Drives digital logic nuts!

    4) Maybe a couple of dozen. Mostly...uh...reference material (Honest, Dear! Really! :b ).

    Chris: Whouldn't that be 3.1? [​IMG]

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