a few Q's about H/K 320 and 520

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    i've got a few questions concerning these two units. first, does the 320 have assignable amps like the 520 does? basically if i wanted to have a 7.1 music system i know i'd have to add an external amp. my question is, could i get a nice 2-ch amp for the main speakers and drive the rear surrounds off the unused internal amps? or would i need to jump to the 520 for that?

    also, if i had the 520, how would i hook this up? is it a feature in the onscreen menus? or do the main-in's work just like a separate 5-ch amp? ex: i use main l/r preouts to connect to a separate 2-ch amp and then would i connect the preouts from the surround back l/r's to the main-in's for the front l/r speakers?

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    The 320 does not have assignable main inputs. You will need the 520 for this feature.

    For the second part of your question, your example is exactly what you need to do. There is no configuration inside the unit (software/OSD/etc.). Just plug in your amp and reassign the main inputs. I am currently doing this with a 520 and a PA 2000 amp. It sounds wonderful.

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