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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Tom Jr, Aug 7, 2003.

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    First of all, I'm new. Hi.

    Now, for the important stuff...

    I'm in the preliminary stages of putting together a dedicated HT room in my basement. I haven't hammered out all of my requirements/desires, but there is one thing I know for sure. I want a big screen for the true theater experience. I'd like to go with a front projection display at about 6' wide. I've started reading threads in this forum, and I've downloaded a few articles. Now I have a few questions:

    1. I have 2 choices for rooms. The one I'm currently leaning toward is 9x16x7.5. Doing the math, the modes are spread out pretty well. The other option is a 11x13x7.5 room, which seems a bit more cramped lengthwise. The modes aren't quite as spread out, here, but the width seems more attractive. What do you guys think of these choices?

    2. Regarding the front speakers: If I go with the 9x16 room, there is not much width availible to separate the speakers and keep them away from the side walls, especially if I go with a 6' screen. What are my placement options?

    3. Regarding surround speakers: I've read that it's good to put them just above listening level on the sides of the room, pointing inward. What happens when I have 2 rows of seats? What if the second row is on a small (6") riser? Where is the optimal place to put the surrounds?

    4. Regarding rear speakers: Is it better to go with a single speaker in the center of the room, or 2 speakers spread out some? I assume height should be similar to the surrounds.

    5. Regarding subwoofer placement: Is it bad/so-so/ok/preferred to place the subwoofer behind the rear seats? It would 'hide' it, but I'm concerned about the accoustic effects.

    Sorry for the book. I like to be descriptive and as unambiguous as possible when asking questions.

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    Hi Tom and welcome to the forum.

    Here's my $0.02:

    1. Knock down the walls and have a huge theater. [​IMG] Seriously, 9' is quite narrow... but then 13' is quite short for two rows of seats. I guess I'd go with the 11x13 and look for not-too-deep seats (real theater seats maybe?)

    2. 11 feet width should be enough to put speakers left and right of screen. Keep them close into the screen and use acoustic foam on the side walls to kill the first reflection.

    3. Put the side speakers adjacent to the front row of seats, just above listening level. Regarding the rear riser: Check your sight lines (either with a CAD model or with real chairs and real people). 6" seems a bit short, considering that you don't have much ceiling height to move the screen up.

    4. At the very least plan (i.e. run wires) for two rear speakers. I use Lexicon's Logic 7 and love it. I like the rear speakers higher so as not to blast into the back of listener's heads. In your case that would be almost at ceiling level.

    5. Nothing inherently wrong with sub behind rear seats. Crossover frequency should be set low enough that localization isn't an issue. With the 13' depth, you aren't going to have much room behind the rear seats, though. Maybe in the rear corner? Corner placement provides additional room gain but can accentuate peakiness. Best way to sort this out is to take frequency response measurements from listening position with various sub placement options.

    Good luck and keep us posted on progress.[​IMG]
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