A CD databse like DVD Aficionado?

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  1. Rich Corle

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    Jul 9, 2001
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    is there a database such as DVD Aficionado or DVD Profiler that lets you keep track of your cds? kinda like a cd database? please help me out.
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  2. Thomas Lang

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    Apr 4, 2000
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    A program called CATraxx may be the answer to your question. The program can scan your cd-rom drive and then download the appropriate information at CDDB. It can even use at sort of automation mode where the drive just pops out the CD after it has scanned it so you can insert at new one (this is a nice feature). The use of the CDDB feature requires you to register but I think this is free. I know I didn't pay anything some time ago when I did it.
    With my initial test of the program (I just downloaded it and tried it) it would say it's not that hard to use though not as intuitive as DVD Profiler which I use myself (great program). The program has a LOT of features by you don't have to use them all!
    I first ran into this program some ago when I was looking for a program to catalog my CD's and this was the best program I could find back then.
    The program is shareware and can be tested for 30 days before you have to buy it and it will then cost you $40 This price is for the downloaded version. If you want it on CD it will cost some more but it's only 5.1 mb so it not that much.
    The company that makes the program is called FNProgramvare: http://www.fnprg.com
    Hope that helped.

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