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A bookshelf as a centre channel? (Axiom M3Ti) (1 Viewer)


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Mar 12, 2001
Weeks of auditioning passes by, and now...

I am about to embark down the Axiom road, and have decided on M3Ti's for my fronts. I was originally considering the VP100 for my centre channel, but have recently begun to think about another M3Ti as a centre.

Is anyone doing this currently, or tried it in the past?

If so, what results have you had? Can you compare to the VP100?

If not, why not?

I would also like to hear a bit about using so-called 'bookshelf' speakers as centre channels as opposed to 'sideways' MTM layouts.



Marc H

Second Unit
Aug 22, 2001
More and more clients have been ordering their systems like that; a single M3TiSe as the centre instead of the VP100. It's less expensive too. Be sure you have the vertical clearance though to keep the speaker upright.

Also, Axiom's VP150Se overcomes the MTM issue nicely by placing two tweeters at the outer edges. Give very smooth off axis treble. Very natural and open sounding too but pricier though.

Ron Boster

Jan 10, 1999
I recently went the Axiom route vs Atlantic Tech 350 series that I had sold. After 12 hours of break-in....I really like the the QS8's for the sides, the M3's for the rears and the M60's for the front...BUT, I am disappointed in the VP150 vs the AT 351 center channel. The VP150 makes the actor's voices sound "thin" vs the full rich sound of the 351. Since an avg of one third of the soundtrack comes through the center channel, I was disappointed. I am going to try a floor center channel stand to see if that helps with the sonics (vs the top of the RPTV, where it currently sits). I'm also have been running pick noise through the speakers today to help in the break-in period. It got me wondering what another M60 would sound like as a center speaker?

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions.


PS: I will post a full review and comparison after a week or so of critical listening. The above our my initial findings.

Brian Bunge

Senior HTF Member
Sep 11, 2000
I third, upright bookshelf speaker for center channel duty will sonically match better than any MTM speaker lying on it's side. The real questions are to what degree and will you really notice the difference. In my case the answers were to a huge degree and yes!

Also, while Axiom may have found a way to affectively deal with some of the major issues of an MTM design lying on its side, I think "overcome" may be a bit of a stretch. They may have found a way to minimize the off axis suck out, but what about the floor/ceiling reflections that are also an issue?


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