'A BEAUTIFUL MIND', beautiful visual effects.

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    I just got through watching most of the supplemental material on the dvd, as well as listened to Ron Howards commentary track, and the visual effects that are on display in this film are of the variety that I just completly get off on. Utterly invisible!

    *********NO MAJOR SPOILERS**********

    There are shots in this film that I never in a million years would have thought were added digitally, like the trick with the little girl running through the pigeons, the pigeons were digital! Did not spot that at all, also the scene with the baby in the bathtub, there was no water in the tub when it was shot, it was added digitally! Not just a simple water pass placed with the baby element either, but a completly created and rendered water element with movement and light refraction that is jaw droppingly real.

    These are the effects that I just love in films. When they are used to support the story, to enable a director to bring his vision to the screen without boundries.

    Prime example is during the scene when Nash proposes to Alicia in the restaraunt, he gives her a large, beautiful stone that refracts the light on her face with all sorts of different colors. Well Ron Howard mentioned during the commentary that when they shot that scene, the camera didn't really pick up the colors that great and it ended up looking like shadows dancing across Jennifer Connelly's face rather than color, and he said that he would have cut that scene out completly a few years ago because it wouldn't have been possible to do that, but today he was able to keep the scene by adding the color's digitally.

    That's amazing to me.

    Creating creatures, dinosaurs, spaceships etc is great, but its the stuff you don't see that I really love. Even the leaves on the tree's on the Princeton campus were added because the scene's were shot in winter!

    Great stuff!
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