A Bachelor's Dilemma

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    The Setting:

    The night after a very late night celibrating the new years with a group of your best friends drinking Port, Wine, and Champagne. You finish picking up all the empty beer bottles and various after party trash scattered around the house and yard and pile the mess into the kitchen. You hose down the dishes with some Lysol to keep them fresh smelling till you get around to doing the dishes. You spend the day shuffing old college buddies out the door (only after deciding not to shower today). You spend the day smoking and watching football sitting in the Baby-sh*t yellow Lay-Z-boy (vintage from the 70's!). It's getting late and your supply of Tostidos and Salsa has run it's course. You prepare a 1 course meal consisting of two dozen Totino's Pizza Rolls and a jug of Milo's sweet tea. This fine cuisine should cover 3 of the four major food groups; cheese, pepperoni, and sugar. Since you can't find your cookie sheet (or don't even know if you own one) you fix the Pizza rolls on Aluminum foil (doubled over to give it some extra strength). After 8 minutes you go to retrive your Pizza Rolls. Since you only used aluminum foil the Pizza Rolls are not very stable, and a half dozen fall off into the bottom of your oven; into the sea of charred bits of old pizza goo and buffalo finger juice. You set the rest of the Pizza rolls safely aside on a paper plate. You stand in front of the oven staring at the long lost departed Pizza rolls sizzling on the black charred abyss that is the bottom of your oven. Anyone who has ever been a REAL bachelor... you kow what you would do, there is only one choice...
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    Get that fork out and start scrapin'
  3. Eric Kahn

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    this is definatly not me, I would have used the micowave, oven takes to long[​IMG]
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    Tom G
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    Cees Alons

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