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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Jason8, Jul 10, 2003.

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    RECEIVER: Yamaha HTR-5550
    DVD/CD/MP3 PLAYER: Pioneer DV-440
    TV SOURCE: Sony Wega 27"

    This is my first HT Setup and I have some questions on some technical settings on my DVD player (Pioneer DV440).

    On my DVD player, there is an Audio setting called "96khz PCM Out". I can either set it to send a 96khz digital signal out, or have it process the 96khz signal to 48khz output (factory setting). In my Receiver's manual (Yamaha HTR-5550), it says: Notes on 96-khz samping digital signals : The digital input jacks of this unit can handle 96-khz sampling digital signals, however, DSP programs then cannot be selected and sound will output as 2-channel stereo from only the main left and right speakers...Therefore the level of the effect speakers cannot be adjusted while listening to such a source.

    Can somebody translate this for me? [​IMG]

    Another Audio Setting on my DVD-player I am confused about is "MPEG Out". Should I set it to output an MPEG bitstream or have it processed to a PCM signal (factory setting)? Also, what does it all mean?

    Lastly, I am also using my HT Setup to playback regular Audio CDs and Mp3 CDs. Currently, I have my DVD player connected to my Receiver with an Optical Digital cable. If I understand correctly, my Receiver then is decoding the signal rather than my DVD player. I am also, or at least it appears, that the DSP soundfields function in this setup, which I thought it would not. For some reason also, my Receiver has the CD-Input mated with a "coaxial digital input". Is coaxial digital cable better with Audio CDs?

    Oh, and my DVD Player has 24-bit/192khz brownburr DACs, so it probably would be best to connect a standard RCA cable to my Receiver, for Audio CD playback (have my DVD player decode the signal).

    Sorry about the jarbled nature of this post, this being my first foray into Home Theatre...got alot on my mind, ya know? [​IMG] I'm liking the Virtual DSP modes on my Yamaha (I only have R-L Main Speakers at the moment), but I really could use that center channel, real soon! (JBL N-Center or S-Center?)
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    1) Don't worry about it, someone else would be better at explaining what this is about though

    2) Bitstream: that enables it to pass dolby digital and dts signals to the receiver

    3) No

    4) Maybe, try both and see which you like best.
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    If you want to play a 96khz signal you need to have the amp in 'effect off' mode, for two channel sound. If you want to play a 96 khz signal using the effect modes you need to set your DVD player to downconvert the 96khz signal into 48khz. Because you only have two speakers, set the DVD player to output 96khz.

    Dont worry about the MPEG out setting, I dont think you'll find a dvd with an MPEG audio soundtrack, or a receiver with a MPEG decoder.

    I think your on the right track with using the DACs in the DVD player.

    Coax or optical connection should give identical results.

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