8500 dollars to spend--Please Help!

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  1. Brian Crist

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    Jan 24, 1999
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    I am helping a friend put together a complete home theater system. He is willing to spend 8500 dollars including taxes. He would prefer to buy locally. (JandR is just down the street from us so he may be able to get some discounts from them.)

    He wants the system to include:

    1. a receiver

    2. 5 speakers and a subwoofer

    3. a multi disc cd changer

    4. a progressive scan dvd player

    5. a 42 inch high definition capable plasma television

    Obviously, his budget is fairly tight for this much equipment (especially the television). But I am looking for suggestions on the best system overall to meet his needs. Everyone here is quite knowledgeable, so I appreciate your input.
  2. Geno

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    Oct 1, 2001
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    42" Plasma by PHILIPS (42FD9932) $5,099
    JVC XV-FA90 Black $279.99
    Klipsch Synergy System 6 $999.00
    VR-510 THX SELECTâ„¢ Home Theater Receiver $600
    total with 7% tax = 7,467.53
    that gives you $1000 to play with. I just spent 10 minutes online building this, so if you're doing it for a friend, i'd spend a bit more time.
  3. Clint Roberts

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    May 1, 2002
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    If I was doing this and I know nothing of plasma but let's assume you have $3,500 for DVD, receiver, and DVD player and cabling. It will require ordering vs. local.
    Get the Denon 3802 (from www.6ave.com) $730 delivered
    Rocket (4) 250's and 1 RSC200 @ $1750 delivered
    HSU VTF-2 sub for @ $470 shipped
    Get Rockets and Sub from av123.com
    Panasonic RP-82 (I think it is)...latest version of the RP-62 for $250 shipped (should be available from 6ave.
    I might recommend upgrading to a VTF-3 sub. Also you could forego the disc changer and get a 5 disc panasonic DVD changer for now. Get some Original Monster Cable from summitsource at roughly $.45 a foot. and a few cables for about $150.
    Order from 4 stores. Not a bad deal. 6ave might have a plasma option bringing it down to only 3 stores.

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