811s vs. 6070

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    Okay, I'm down to two receivers... The Pioneer 811s, and the Kenwood 6070. I decided I liked the 811s, plus it was a bit cheaper, so I bought it...

    It sounds great, but the crossover choices are 100/150/200! I was hoping to set my crossover freq down to 80 (my speakers, some nice polks, should handle the midrange down to that point just fine I believe). The 6070 does 80/100/120...

    One reason I like the Pioneer was the split rear channel outs for 7.1 surround sound... So now my questions are these:

    1.) If I stick with the Pioneer, am I going to notice much difference between 80 and 100 crossover freq? Don't you start getting directional bass at over 80?

    2.) If I go with the Kenwood, is simply using a Y-Splitter on the rear channel going to work as well as the Pioneer "pre-split" rear channel? Or does the Pioneer handle it in some more efficient manner?

    3.) OR is there some other receiver in the $300-$500 price range that does all of the above better than the two that I'm interested in?


    - JS
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    The kenwood would work just fine with two speakers wired in series connected to the surround back channel. This is exactly what the pioneer has prewired. If your price range is up to $500, then I would recommend the Sony DA2ES, the 4ES's little brother. It has the same processing power as the 4ES with its excellent bass management (individual crossovers for each channel down to 40hz in increments of 10). There have been a couple of posts on the 2ES lately, so check them out. The forums on www.agoraquest.com also have some good info on it and its european counterpart the DB1080. The pioneer may be a bit limiting in the crossover dept. depending on how much bass you want your mains to put out.

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