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70 F/T. Will do 2,3 or maybe 4 for 1 (1 Viewer)

Mike Wegimont

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 26, 1999
I am a GOLD Trader. All disks are in Perfect condition (except as noted) and I expect the same. My DVDs are loved!

I will definitely consider 2, 3 or even 4 for 1 if you have disks on my wantlist. Make an offer, I'll probably bite.

For Trade:

[*]2001: A Space Odyssey (Remastered)
[*]6th Day, The---pending
[*]Any Given Sunday
[*]Backstage Pass - DVD Concert Collection Vol 1
[*]Beach, The
[*]Being John Malkovich (Sealed)
[*]Big Mamma's House
[*]Big Red One, The (Sealed)
[*]Blair Witch Project, The
[*]Brazil (non-Criterion)
[*]Cast Away
[*]Cider House Rules, The[*]DTS Audio Demo Vol.1 . Lyle Lovett, Diana Krall, Boyz II Men, etc.
[*]End of Days[*]ErinBrockovich---pending
[*]Experience the Deep
[*]Girl, Interrupted
[*]Great Chefs, Great Cities Cookbook
[*]Green Mile,The
[*]Hollow Man
[*]Independence Day (5-star)
[*]Lost World: Jurrasic Park, The DTS
[*]Mission Impossible 2
[*]Nostradamus - A Voice From the Past
[*]Perfect Storm, The
[*]Red Planet
[*]Silence of the Lambs - Orion (Sealed)
[*]Sphere (Sealed)
[*]Stand by Me
[*]True Crime
[*]Unbreakable (2-disk)
[*]Way of the Gun, The
[*]What Lies Beneath
[*]Wonder Boys
[*]World is Not Enough, The

[*]12 Monkeys DTS ---pending [*]8MM---pending
[*]American Pimp---pending [*]Apollo 13 DTS ---pending
[*]Batman Forever (minor scuffs on case)---pending
[*]Blood: The Last Vampire (Sealed) ---pending
[*]Boys Don't Cry---pending
[*]Bringing Out the Dead---pending
[*]Cell, The---pending
[*]Civil Action, A---pending
[*]Double Jeapordy---pending [*]DTS DEMO #3 . ---pending Titanic, Daylight, Eagles, Dragonheart, etc.
[*]Eyes Wide Shut---pending
[*]Fast Times at Ridgemont High---pending
[*]Fight Club (2-disk)---pending
[*]Generals Daughter, The---pending
[*]Dude, Where's My Car?---pending [*]Kids---pending [*]Groove---pending
[*]Mummy Returns, The---pending
[*]Ninth Gate, The---pending
[*]Original Kings of Comedy, The---pending
[*]Pink Floyd, The Wall (Sealed)---pending
[*]Predator DTS ---pending
[*]Road Trip---pending
[*]Romancing the Stone---pending
[*]Smilla's Sense of Snow---pending
[*]Space Cowboys---pending
[*]Thin Red Line, The---pending
[*]Titanic (Sealed)---pending
[*]Under Suspicion---pending
[*]Vampires, John Carpenter's---pending
[*]Very Bad Things---pending
[*]Yards, The---pending
[/list]DVDs Wanted:

[*]Bad Boys: Complete and Uncut
[*]Basic Instinct: Unrated
[*]Best of Benny Hill
[*]A Better Place SE (signed preferably)
[*]Cats and Dogs SE
[*]Classic Albums: Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast
[*]Daybreak SE
[*]Exit Wounds
[*]How the Grinch Stole Christmas LE (11/20)
[*]Forrest Gump SE
[*]Freddy Got Fingered
[*]"Gift, The"
[*]"Godfather DVD Collection, The" (I'll trade ALOT for this)
[*]Lara Croft: Tomb Raider SE
[*]No Way Out
[*]One Night at McCool's SE
[*]Planet of the Apes SE (11/13)
[*]Scary Movie 2 (11/27)
[*]Score, The
[*]Shrek SE (11/2)
[*]Swordfish CE

[*]French Connection SE---pending
[*]Goonies, The SE---pending
[*]Heartbreakers SE---pending
[*]Hercules Gold Collection---pending
[*]JFK SE 2-disk---pending
[*]Knight's Tale, A: Special Edition---pending
[*]Lawrence of Arabia (directors cut)---pending
[*]Seven - Platinum---pending
[*]Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace---pending
[*]Total Recall LE---pending

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