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$70 5yr service plan for $700 washer worth it? (1 Viewer)

Michael St. Clair

Senior HTF Member
May 3, 1999
Service plans are something I very rarely buy.
I've bought 2. Palm Pilot (which broke twice and the plan paid for itself), and my Sony Wega (I've had too many Sonys break on me before).
Now I'm probably buying a $700 ($630 on sale) front-load washing machine. It's a Frigidaire, I can't afford a Maytag Neptune front-loader. Anybody know of a better price on a front-loader?
Anyhow, based on the collective knowledge of the HTF AA lounge, I'd like to know if a $70 5-year in-home service plan would be worth it for this washing machine.
Or any other advice that you might have.... :)
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Apr 1, 2001
I never by them based on a couple of articles that I have read about service plans. Basically, most things break during the manufactor's warantee or they don't break at all.
I'm surprised you said that you have had so many Sony's break on you. I've had my 32" Sony now for 5 years with no problems at all.

Adrian Jones

Randy Tennison

Jan 5, 1999
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I used to work for Montgomery Ward (now defunct), and I have a definate opinion on warranties. Ready????
A 10% cost for a 5 year warranty (I am assuming "50" was a typo) for a front loading washer doesn't sound too bad, depending on several things. First, what is the manufactuers warranty? How long does it cover motor, seals, rust, etc?
But the big question is What Does It Cover? Is it a "bumper to bumper" warranty, covering any and all problems you would have with the washer, including problems you might cause? Or is it merely an extension of the manufacturers warranty, with the same restrictions (defects in workmanship or assembly). That is a big difference.
Look at the other aspects of the warranty. Is there any preventative maintenance included. The first thing that comes to my mind are the seals on the front door of the washer. If they start to leak, would you be covered? Will the warranty company inspect the washer each year to insure that there will be no leaks. What about rust (not in the drum, but of the unit itself. I lost a washer and dryer due to rust so bad that the springs broke through). Lightning strike?
The final thing to ponder is "Would you feel bad if, at the end of 5 years, you hadn't used any warranty and are out the $70.00, or would $70.00 make you sleep better at night?"
Warranties are not necessarily a knee jerk "never" to me. They are an "additional profit" item for the stores, however, they do serve a purpose. Items that can easily break (VCR's, Microwaves, Lawn Mowers, Weed Eaters) I usually buy a warranty, and have been saved from further expense on several ocassions. Larger, more stable items (refrigerators, direct view tv's, etc.) I tend not to.
Randy Tennison
Kansas City, MO
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Ryan Wright

Jul 30, 2000
I never buy these service plans.
I made an exception for my RPTV, however. Paid ~$5500 and it only had a 1 year warranty (with only 6 months of that being a full warranty - the last 6 months had all sorts of restrictions), so I sprung for the Best Buy 4 year extended in-home warranty for an extra $400 or so. The way I figure it, there's no way I'm shipping that bad boy back to anyone if something happens. The main reason I bought the warranty, however, is the clause that says if they have to come out 3 times, they'll replace the entire set with a new one. The techs around here are HORRIBLE. There is only one place that services TVs and other electronics and they are a bunch of idiots. I wouldn't trust them with my toaster. If something does go wrong, there's no way it will be fixed properly within the first 20 visits (if ever), so I'll go through a few weeks of hassle and eventually get a brand new TV.
I hope it fails a month before the warranty expires. Heh. :)
Anyway, I personally would not buy an extended warranty for a washing machine or dryer for the simple fact that they're not horribly complicated machines. I didn't buy one for mine. Washers and dryers (and fridges, etc) usually last 10 to 20 years...
-Ryan (http://www.ryanwright.com )
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That way, when you do criticize them, you'll be a mile away and you'll have their shoes.

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