7.1 Speaker setup for around 3K?

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    Nov 2, 2001
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    I am in the market for a new speaker setup and was wondering if anyone had a recommendation in the 3K range. I am looking at phase tech, but have recently read good reviews on Mirage, PSB and Pardigm in HT magazine. I would like to get towers for the front, dipole back surrounds, and either bookshelf or dipole rear speakers. One sub (10" or 12") now with possibality of adding a second in the future. My biggest concern is short changing my electronics with poor speakers or getting a speaker set that will be short changed by my electronics.
    My gear is as follows
    Denon 4800 reciever
    Denon PAO-5200 amplifier
    Toshiba 2109 DVD
    Sony A4 DSS
    Toshiba 61H71 Digital TV
    iSCAN pro (ordered)
    Sony 5 disk cd
    Panasonic VCR
    Old K6 200 computer for MP3 playback
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    What about Paradigm, with the following:
    Monitor 9/11 fronts
    Monitor 370 CC
    ADP for Sides
    Monitor 5 for rear
    PW-2200 for sub.
    Talk to local Paradigm resellers - you should get it nicely below 3k$.
    Or, if you like to travel:
    Studio -40 fronts list $950 ( Might be wrong) 1100C$
    Studio-CC LISTS $500 C$600
    Studio - ADP List $900 C$1050
    Studio- 20 or 40 for rear $900 C$800 or C$1100
    PW-2200; I am afraid that in order approx C$900
    List for studio based set will be around $4-$4.5k; if you like them, go to Canada and bring them with you. Canadian list for studio set is around 4.5-5 kC$; with 25%discount it is at top 3750 loonies; with exchange rate of 0.62 - 2325 US $$. Enought to pay for gas, and camp or stay in motel 6 twice on the way north and back.
    Ain't this internet beautifull ?

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