7.1 Question: Speaker size and placement....help before i make an expensive mistake

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  1. Rick RTM

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    Dec 27, 2001
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    Ok i need to know:

    - are the rears and the sides suppost to match?

    - Should one or both be defused speakers? di/bi or whatever?

    - should i go all direct for all surrounds? or like direct for the sides and defused for the rear?

    - do the rears or the sides get more sound durring avg movies? (DTS-ES and DPL2).

    thanks for the info

  2. Tom D

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    Oct 29, 2000
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    It also depends on the rcvr , some for example like the denons allow for 2 surrounds, like a dipole at the side of the listener and direct radiotors at the rear corners of the room. You can then choose to add both rear centers or just one. So theoretically you can have 8 - 9 speakers on at the same time plus the sub. In theory you should have matching speakers from the same manufacturer, at least using the same drivers. What you want to achieve is a seamless blending of sound.
  3. Gary Thomas

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    Jan 17, 1999
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    I don't think it's critical that the rear surrounds match your other speakers.

    I have Mission speakers w/ di-pole surrounds mounted 6ft up on each side. When I got a Denon 3802 I used two Acoustic Research bookshelf speakers for the rear center surrounds. They sounded great! You can pick them up at J&R for only $59.00.

    Most of the sound coming from the rear center surrounds is ambiant noise, especially if you use the rear surround matrix setting. On the Denon you can also have the rear center surrounds mirror the output of the rear surrounds as well.

    There are a few excellent dvd's that have discreet information sent to the rear center surrounds, but I think it will be another year or two until it becomes standard.

    I've since upgraded my main speakers from bookshelf type to floor standing speakers and now use the former mains as rear center surrounds. While I like having 7 matching speakers, I haven't really noticed a difference from when I had non-matching speakers.

    I can really recommend a set-up using di-pole side surrounds and direct rear center surrounds. You'll be totally enveloped in sound!

    I would invest my money in really good center & mains first. Go cheap on the surrounds to start...then upgrade them to match your mains as you get the funds.
  4. curtis_l

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    Dec 10, 2001
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    I have the polk fx500i surrounds(dipole/bipole), which are great for movies.

    Now with dvd-a and sacd, I'd prefer the directs over another pair of fx surrounds for two surround back channels.
  5. John Morris

    John Morris Guest

    Ideally, in a room where you are sitting at the intersection, equidistant from all 7 speakers, all 7 speakers should be identical. Otherwise, IMO, get back to us with your room specs and the distance your sweet spot is from your 4 rear surrounds. Sometimes, if you sit very close to your rear center surrounds, non-discrete sound from bi/di-polar speakers is preferable for EX movies, IMO.
  6. Keith Mickunas

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    Dec 15, 1998
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    I've got a couple of questions that go with these:

    1. I have a Yammy RX-V1. When set to one of the 6.1 modes it has a rear center. However in 5.1 it will use the side speakers only, no selections like the Denons have. I'll be using an external amp so I can have two for the rear center and I'm wondering which speakers to go with. Currently I use direct radiators (Polk RT-55) for the surround. Should I use those for both, or di-pole on the side or the rear? Di-poles on the sides I would think would mess up DVD-Audio, but would be best for DD and DTS. What should I do?

    2. What's the ideal placement in either case? If I use direct radiators all around, do I put the sides in the rear corners, then the rears spaced equally between them? Or do I put the sides on the side of the room pointed at the seating position?

    I'm looking for general suggestions. As it is I won't be doing this until I buy a house, and I don't have one picked out yet. But I've always been curious about this problem. I currently have Polks all around, CS-350 center, RT-800 main, RT-55 surrounds. I'll be willing to buy whatever Polks are the best match (RT-55i, f/x 500, f/x 1000).

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