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    i recently placed an order by making a full payment for a 42g15 panasonic vierra at 6ave store and they said they had only 28pcs left. after a day they cal me and say that the tvs are sold out so they do not have anything for me and then they force me to buy a lg plasma. why should i have a lg when i want a panasonic. i have been approaching them from last 2days to give me a product of equivalent or higher grade than what i have bought but they seem to be not intrested in this and are extremely rude and arrogant.

    i have no idea what i can do. i feel i have been cheated to buy a product which they didnt have and now am being forced to buy something sub standard than what i like.
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    They can't force you to buy anything. Just cancel the order, and tell your credit card company.

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