65h80 built in test patter access?

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    Hey guys,

    I have owned my 65h80 for about 7 months now, finally I have started the calibration process and becoming (VERY) familiar with the internals and schematics.

    It seems that the Service Manual (which I do possess) is a bit out of touch (or at least borrowed from older Service manuals) because a few things are not what they say they are (convergence grid / BLUE CRT control is not the enter button, but the channel rtn button ). I am trying to start my Geometry / Mechanical and Electronic focus, but I cant seem to access the built in test patterns on the TV.

    In one place it states to hit the tv/video button on the TV after getting into service mode. When I do hit it it just blanks out the screen (No service Menu displays). All that I have noticed that has changed is that I can blindly control the Service area Adjustments, instead of looking what Im scrolling through (only hitting channel up/down obviously)

    Another thing I read was to hit the tv/video button on the remote. the 65h80 doesnt come with a tv/video button per se. Unless they mean the tv/video button, which doesnt seem to work either.

    Any assistance getting to the built in test patterns would be most helpful.

    Most appreciative,


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