6 channel amp vs 3 2-channel amps

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by bert halter, Jan 23, 2005.

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    I have a denon 3802 I will be using as a preamp and using klipsch reference fronts, center and surrounds. I want to add additional amps to the preouts. Would a 6 channel amp sound as good as using 3 seperate 2 channel amps all rated at 200 watts per channel. or would they be identical just using one unit instead of 3 units.

    The option I am deciding between are the Aragon 2005 5or 6 channel amp rated at 200 watts /channel or using 3 separate B&K refence 2channel amps 200.2 reference

    I will be using the system for both home theater and home audio
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    While the Aragon amps are a very nice choice. I believe its better to have seperate 2 channel amp if possible. If you where looking at a lower performing 5/6 channel amp (Kenwood or Sony, Etc...). I would strongly recoment against it. I guess the main weekness of the 5/6 channel amplifiers is that all the channels share the same power supply. Just like in a ht reciever it has to acomidate the power demands off all channels at once. With seperate stereo amplifiers you would have a seperate power supply for every 2 channels. Most likely given your application the Aragon would most likely sound as good as the seperate B&K's. I would look at performance vs $$$ and do an extensive listening test between the two before spending money on ether one. I look at speaker requirements, room size and bang for the buck. If you really want a performance smashing amplifier look into Cinenova power amps. I think they come in two configurations 3 & 5 channel. But they may be another good alternative. They are one of the healthest amps I have ever seen and they can more than handle what you want to do. IMHO just on product I have personally listened to I would have to give the edge to the Aragon, the B&K's are nice as well don't get me wrong. I have heard the Aragon amps with a Theta Digital pre/pro and they sounded great. I would just check out the specs and in the end just do alot of extensive listening if possible and pick what works for you and what you can afford.

    Good Luck Bert

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