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Jan 13, 1999
My 5000th post.
Today, this forum served a purpose I never imagined it would have to. It was a news source to many, many people, stuck in offices, away from a television, and unable to access overburdened news sites. The After Hours Lounge (which seemingly had more posts today than all of the other areas combined) was a de facto CNN with the membership sharing what they knew.
What a place.
I had thought about a 5000th post spectacular, sort of. But it seems like a silly thing today and my heart just isn't in it.
So, what you admins, Packy and Ron, get is a heartfelt thanks and a hope that you and yours are happy, healthy and well.

Ron Eastman

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Aug 10, 2000
Amen. HTF turned out to be one of the few places on the web where you could turn for sincere discussion on todays events, due to a very knowledgable and sophisticated membership. Thank you Ron and Parker for creating a wonderful site where people use their own names and thus post responsibly to protect their reputations.
Conratulations on your 5000th post Mitty. I for one am very proud to be part of a membership that includes fine people like yourself.
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Dec 11, 2000
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Congrats, Mitty. I'm glad Ron and Parker didn't close the After Hours Lounge as I believe they were thinking about doing so. Admittedly, things did get a little silly in the AHL at times, but today it proved to be a valuable resource to many members. Good thing it was there... :)
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Mar 6, 2001
A sincere congratulations on your 5000th post, Mitty. I was touched by the sensitivity in your words. You are a class act.

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May 7, 1999
*With all the events of the past day weighing heavily on our
minds it sure is tough to feel proud or happy for anything.
This website is one thing I am proud to be a member of. The maturity of this membership gives me faith that we will all come through this tragedy and it will make us stronger as a people.
Congrats Mitty .... we'll have the party later.
Brent L


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Mar 21, 2001
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Congrats on your 5000th Mitty.
I'm with you on the After Hours Lounge. Yesterday it served a purpose far nobler than anyone probably would have expected. Though we all had some disagreements on what should come next, it was a comfort to come and share our feelings here on HTF.
All the best to you, too, my fellow Vancouverite. :)

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Edwin Pereyra

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Oct 26, 1998
The After Hours Lounge (which seemingly had more posts today than all of the other areas combined) was a de facto CNN with the membership sharing what they knew.

I don't know how anyone else can think about DVDs or movies at a time like this other than maybe to get away from it all even for a short while.
It sure is nice to have you around, Mitty.


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Mar 28, 2000
Congratulations on your 5000th post, Mitty. It is hard to get excited about such things or DVDs, music, etc. right now, however. I am still in shock over what transpired yesterday. I haven't listened to a CD or watched a DVD since Monday. All I've been able to do is watch the news and call loved ones.

The After Hours Lounge was my news source yesterday since I was at work and could not access www.cnn.com or www.msnbc.com . I was able to access www.usatoday.com off and on, but the After Hours Lounge was my consistent source of information. I am thankful to those who had access to TVs and took the time to post updates throughout the day.
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PS Nystrom

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Jan 27, 1999
I've tried to watch several DVDs in the last two days, but can't get through any of them. I keep wanting to flip CNN back on, or reading through a few posts in the After Hours Lounge. Sadly, watching television can quickly make me want to go back to watching a DVD and escaping reality for a while.
My ability to see the images and hear the stories grows weaker and weaker, yet my desire to understand what has happened keeps me glued to my couch.
Having the HTF AHL up and running this whole time has been a nice diversion from television. I can still be updated, but don't have to bear witness to the depressing sights. Thanks so much for staying online.
And of course congrats to Mitty.
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Patrick Sun

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Jun 30, 1999
Am I the only one that thinks of Mitty as a "Walter"? :)
Though current events has shown us how little any of these milestone truly impact the lives of loved ones. Nonetheless, it's a commendable accomplishment within a limited scope of internet life, so congrats!
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