58 Hi-Res Reviews in Audiophile Audition

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    AUDIOPHILE AUDITION - Jan/Feb 2004 Issue

    The 61st issue of AUDIOPHILE AUDITION - the web magazine for music, audio and home theater - is now online at
    Continuing its practice of reviewing more of both new Hi-Res disc formats than any other publication Net or print, this issue has 58 reviews! DGGÕs set of the Beethoven Symphonies conducted by Karajan is the Hi Res-of-the-Month choice. Several of the first Fantasy SACD jazz releases and the first RCA classical DVD-A are covered. Also the first extensive review in English of one of the alternates to 5.1 for multichannel music - Dabringhaus & GrimmÕs Ò2+2+2Ó system on DVD-As which are also compatible for 5.1 playback. This approach utilizes the center channel feed as a left-side height speaker and the LFE feed as a right-side height speaker. (Both are placed at a height half the distance between the two front L & R speakers, and the surrounds remain in operation.) The result is greater spatial and ambient realism and a greatly-enlarged sweet spot. There are also five new xrcd reviews and 11 music DVD video reviews - classical, jazz and rock.

    The Feature of the Month is on Soundtrack CDs, including Angels in America and The Last Samurai. Components reviewed are the VPI TNT Jr. Turntable and Outlaw Audio ICBM bass manger. Continuing features are the weekly Audio News, Survey of the Print Audio/HT Publications, Audio Links, and Best Discs of the Year Lists, which will be out shortly for 2003.
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