57SWX20B being delivered Tonight! Help me set it up

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    This is my 1st RPTV. I have been reading a lot about ISF calibration, red push, contrast settings etc. I have already did a search but a few questions have gone unanswered.

    My 1st question is about break-in. What do you do to break these in. Does Normal viewing work? Should I leave it on for a week or something.

    This set is for DVD viewing only. Im not going to be watching the news or any other 4.3 material on this set.

    After much searching and reading, I guess I should pick up a copy of AVIA and get the color levels and contrast in check . Is VE any better, Should I try to hunt down a copy of this or just pick up AVIA.

    How long should I wait before ISF calibration? I would like to watch it for a few weeks before this so I can get a better idea of the before and after.

    Anything else I should know about or do tonight when I turn it on for the 1st time?
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    First, turn down the contrast to about 40%. Don't wait for the setup DVD before doing this.

    Second, break-in takes about 100 hours w/ RPTVs. YMMV. Just do some normal viewing w/ it for a month or two--probably two if you're only watching DVDs w/ it. During this time, you can still do the proper setup, but expect the TV picture to change some in characteristic. Also, if the TV is gonna die from some defect, it'll likely show up during this period. For all these reasons, you should definitely wait that long before getting ISF calibration.

    Third, wait ~45min or so after turning on the TV before you make any changes to the settings. It can easily take 30min for it to warm up from power-on (everytime!).


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