53WX52 convergence - 480 vs 1080

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    Hi, I have gotten into the service menu and done the 64 pt convergence on my set (it was a decent amount off when first arrived) however it seems that the changes that I make in the service menu dont come through on the set when I'm watching real HD signal (1080 I assume). When I am in the service menu, it says "storing 480i" and it has a spot for 1080 that appears to be not selected.

    Is there a way to adjust the convergence separately for each of these modes 480 & 1080 separately? If so, can someone please tell me how to adjust the 1080 convergence. The main problem is that the red gun all the way on the right 1"-2" side seems to be off on the HD channels, but not on the regular channels.

    Thanks for any info.

    (duh I forgot to mention this is a Panasonic HDTV, the model # is in the topic 53WX52)
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    From what I read, you need to feed a 540p/1080i signal into the set while you're in the service menu in order to make adjustments for 1080i (and 480p also!). I'm not sure, but you might need to select the TV input w/ the 540p/1080i signal when doing this.

    I don't have a 540p/1080i signal to do this yet, so I haven't tried it myself. NOTE that your settings for 1080i is what's used for 480p.


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