50V500 and Satelite Reception

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by CarmineMW, Sep 27, 2003.

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    Just got a Hitachi 50V500 LCD projection TV along with a Denon 683DVD home theater setup. I am connected to Dish Network with a DishNetwork 500 receiver. I hooked the receiver directly to the TV via Svideo (there is no component out connection) The picture is grainy, motteled, and I see many artifacts...looks like compression. I yutzed (technical term) with the tv for hours, but am still not happy. I plugged in the Denon DVD via component video, and I was blown away. Picture jumped right off the screen! Tremendous color and quality! I did not even use the 683 receiver as yet. What's it going to take to get my satelite picture to do the same. Right now, I'm not so much worried about HDTV as just getting a good SD picture. TV does not look like the issue...it's amazing when it works correctly.
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    Your satellite picture will never be the same quality as a good DVD. Picture quality will vary greatly with NTSC sources via DBS; some channels are allocated more bandwidth than others. And none of them will possess the same richly saturated colors and pristine sharpness of a well-authored DVD.

    However, if you were to migrate to ATSC video sources, you'll be marveling over how poor DVDs look when compared with HDTV. Consider upgrading to an ATSC DBS service.

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