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50's-ish music from ren and stimpy (1 Viewer)

Sam E. Torres

Second Unit
May 31, 1999
there are so many tracks that were used on that show that i have heard in just about everything, and it has always bugged me. there's a certain track that just springs up an image of a pleasantville type family that ren and stimpy always used as "hi, honey i'm home" music. i really wish i knew how else to describe it. i know they still use it frequently on tv, and i do believe they used it on those annoying "beene vision" commercials for the last couple of sundays on fox. does anyone have any clue whatsoever what i am talking about?

Michael St. Clair

Senior HTF Member
May 3, 1999

Several of the Ren and Stimpy cuts are from the late, great Raymond Scott. I strongly suggest you locate and buy his RECKLESS NIGHTS AND TURKISH TWILIGHTS disc, it is wonderful. I guess it is sort of avant-garde jazz.


"The electronic work of musician, bandleader, composer, and inventor, Raymond Scott sounds like nothing so much as the.future."
- Peter Buck, R.E.M.

"Raymond Scott's musical genius should not be-overlooked."
- John Flansburgh, They Might Be Giants

"What can you say about a man who inspired cartoon melodies and bebop, invented Frank Zappa and electronic music, and still found time to work for-Motown?"
- Andy Partridge, songwriter & leader of XTC


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Oct 26, 2002
Oh boy, you've brought up some music that I also have wondered about for years.....and finally found some of it's original creators.

Go here first: Ultralounge.com. I have three CDs from this series: The Tiki Sampler, On The Rocks Part Two and Space Capades. That last one has a song that the Ren & Stimpy writers might have used: "Gay Spirits" (yea, I know). Right when you hear this track you will think of them. And the remastering job that was done is excellent--most tracks sound like modern recordings. And almost totally free of hiss (whatever process they used to do this left the bells, cymbals, etc still very clear and "tinkly" sounding).

That On the Rocks CD is hilarious: it's basically classic rock songs redone by elevator music companies. But some tracks actaully are quite good interpretations. All the CDs come with well-written booklets explaining the music's origins.

Last Ultralounge suck-up: that Tiki Lounge CD is the best packaged CD I have ever owned. And real artists must have done the inside artwork. It cost me $18 and it was totally worth it.

Then check this site out: lesbaxter.com From what I can tell this man invented what you hear on Ren & Stimpy and on lots of other fifty-ish type TV shows (make sure to run your cursor over his name :)). Another good Les Baxter site: Les Baxter explained.

I also have the double CD set The Exotic Moods of Les Baxter. It is also a remastered recording. But had to order it so I think it might be out of print now.

THEN check this guy out: Bob Thompson. Click on the "Sound of Speed" link for free MP3 downloads. Good stuff.

Also, if you put the phrase "exotica music" into a search engine you'll get more info on this kind of music.

Have fun!


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