50H81 vs PT-47WX49

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    Aug 25, 2000
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    Based on my previous views of the 50H80 and the high opinions of the new xxH81's from this forum and others, I have been preparing for a purchase of a 57H81 in the next month or so.
    I went to Best Buy (yes, I know) this weekend to get a first-hand look at the new set, and I must say that I was quite surprised. The 50H81 and the Panasonic were right beside each other, and in my opinion the Panasonic was the best looking set in the showroom. This certainly isn't what I expected.
    1. Glare. The glare on the Toshiba was horrible. The Panasonic does not have a protective screen, so obviously it was not a problem there. I know that many people "shuffle" the screens on the Toshiba. Does this result in a big difference?
    2. Picture Quality. Both units were displaying BB's (DVD?) loop. I checked the settings on both units to make sure they were as correct and as equal as possible. I even attempted to do some focus adjustments on the Toshiba (I've never owned an RPTV before). However, no matter how much I tweaked, the Panny's picture blew the Toshiba away. The Panny was sharp, clear, focused. And while it wasn't showing HD, I liken it to a view through a window. The Toshiba, however, seemed soft and out of focus. The overall difference between the two was quite dramatic.
    Is this the kind of performance I can expect from the Toshiba? Can anyone explain what factors may have caused the lower quality display of the Toshiba? Does anyone have any opinions on the Panny?
    If I had been ready to purchase yesterday, it would have been a (almost) no-brainer for the Panny... except that it's a bit small for my taste.
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    Dec 3, 2000
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    Frankly, I have found that it is impossible to assess the true picture quality of any set on the showroom floors, unless it is a super high end store where the sets have been calibrated properly and given a mechanical focus.
    The Toshiba is an outstanding set, easier to use over the Panasonic AND much nicer out of the box. However, the Panasonic is cheaper and with patience, can be made to look outstanding.
    I am a 47WX49 Panny owner, on my second one now, as Sears screwed up my first one. Idiots.

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