$500. What to do? Please help

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  1. Jeff Sch.

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    Nov 30, 2001
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    Heres the scenario. I am 19 years old and bought this HT setup around Christmas. I recently came accross $500 and dont know what to do with it.
    Read on and please reply

    I am looking to upgrade JBL S310s($179 shipped ea.)
    N38's($99 shipped each)
    ND310's ($199 ea.).

    How are these? Also will my Vr-507 be able to handle them without problems?
    I was even thinking of just getting the towers for Music cds and keeping my current setup as the Main HT system. I have $500 to spend what should i do with it?????? Upgrade speakers or reciever? Sell speakers and upgrade??? or even save the money!!!!

    Heres my setup (Dont have avia or spl meter)
    N26 fronts
    N24 rears
    SonySawm40 Sub
    27" Phillips/Magnavox PIP TV
    SD-1800 DVD
    All are connected with Monster Av Kit (16ga time winded) and all monster cables. I get them for cheap so.

    The skies the limit. Help me out
  2. Chu Gai

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    Jun 29, 2001
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    that really depends on what kind of funds you think you'd be able to put together over a longer haul. me, i'm not going to trash your system because you have to start somewhere. I don't really see the choices you made as significant upgrades...kinda more like moving slightly forward but laterally. my personal recommendation would be for you to enjoy your system right now...its better than just a TV, no? open a separate bank account and start squirreling away money. a good way is every night, take out whatever change you've got and stick it in a can. then every two weeks take it to the bank and sock it away. maybe in a year or year 1/2 you'll find you've got maybe 1500...maybe more! in the mean time...read the forums, go to stores WITHOUT YOUR CREDIT CARDS and just listen. take notes...then when you next upgrade, you'll have some serious change to make a good purchasing decision. for example you could consider a used or refurbed receiver to save some serious money.
    maybe not the answer you want but its the one i give to my son...he waited, then bought.
  3. BrendanL

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    Jan 23, 2002
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    Can you build things? basic cabinets for speakers?
    or just assemble some kits? That would be the best way to maximize your limited funds, and the sound quality would be 2-4x higher than what you can buy in that price range.

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