$500-600 for Upgrading. Help me out.

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  1. Jeff Sch.

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    Nov 30, 2001
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    Basically After Christmas this year i purchased a home theater system consisting of the following for about $1K

    Kenwood Vr-507
    JBL N26's
    JBL N24's
    JBL NCenter
    Sony Sawm40
    Toshiba sd-1800 DVD
    Monster Home Theater Kit

    Up until now i have been satisfied but the N24;s dont sound that great as rears. Maybe its because rear sound is more ambiant then the mains. I also have the system uncalibrated because frankly, im not an audiophile and just just messed with it enough to sound alright. Anyway, I recenlty made so money and am thinking of upgrading. I was saving up for a HDTV but they are to expensive now and figured why not upgrade some of my speakers or reciever. I already have a Phillips/Magnavox 27" PIP TV. I have around $500-600 and am looking at anything new to add. Help me out here.

    Fist off, I was looking at JBL ND310's,N38's,and S310's
    Online i found the following
    N38's series one (NII are no differ than series 1)
    Pair $190 Shipped
    $199 each (shipping not included unless i find coupon)
    S310 series one
    $179 Shipped each
    S310 II
    $189 Shipped Each

    Now thats what i have have looked at. What should i do. As much help as i can get will be great. Some basic Questions
    Will my reciever handle those speakers and make them sound good?
    Should I get a new reciever?
    I can sell some of my stuff to a friend and get new stuff..
    Throw ideas at me. I was thinking of getting rid of the backs, moving the 26s for rears and putting big one in the front or have the big ones for music. I dont know help me out.

    Thanks you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

    PS Anyone deal with BandH Photo of newyork
    and lastly, My friend works at Best Buy and gets stuff at Cost plus 10%!!!!
  2. Pablo Abularach

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    May 27, 2002
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    I think your idea is good, but as you said you have two options

    1) Sell your stuff and start form scratch, now you will have to consider how much are you going to receive from your friend for your system.

    2) Just upgrade.

    If you think you are going to receive a fair price for you system, my suggestion will be upgrade all.

    I think by now you know that JBL is very good for the price, everything you have is form Northbrige, which is a good series, but if you sell everything, my suggestion will be to go into the Studio series.

    S312 for fronts if you want towers, or S38 or S26 if you like bookshelfs or also will will depend on your budget and how much you receive for your system.

    S38, S36, or S26 for surrounds. And if you can consider and SVS 25-31 PCi, right now you can get them for $500.

    I dont know your reciever, maybe someone else can give you info on wheather the receiver could handle this speakers. But if you can, consider upgrading your reciever to Denon 1803, Marantz SR5200 or Onkyo SR600. I think you could get any for around $500.

    Now if you just want to upgrade your existing set up, dont mix series, they have different timbre, so if you want to match your system as much as possible, aviod mixing series. So you have two options,
    1) N38 $99 (pair)
    2) NS310 $184 (each) = $370

    Both are good speakers, but it will depend on size of your room, and how much time are you planing to keep your excisting setup.

    If I were you, I would only buy the N38 and move the N26 to surrounds, and start saving for you HDTV, and after you buy your TV, you could start saving for upgrading your speakers and receiver. And also consider an SVS, it's best sub I have ever heard, and for me it is the heart of you HT, so if you could in the future invest on a sub.

    Well I hope this helps,
  3. Craig_Kg

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    Feb 25, 2002
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    I'd get a SPL meter and calibrate your system first as it can make an unbelievable difference to the sound of your equipment - our ears are very bad at setting the levels properly. Also are you running the rears as "small" (you should).

    If intent on upgrading, personally, I'd think about upgrading the sub first and then maybe the receiver.
  4. Jeff Sch.

    Jeff Sch. Stunt Coordinator

    Nov 30, 2001
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    I believe they are set to small.

    The only reason i had thoughts of upgrading was because my friend get things at Cost + 10% at Best buy, plus the s310's,nd310's and n38's were so cheap. I just didnt know if my reciever would handle it. Many questions run through my mind. Should I get a new reciever and speakers later or vice versa? ECT ECT...... What would you do if you had $500 and the same setup i had and had access to low prices at best buy and online. PS my other friend has liscences with distributers and can get Cerwin Vegas at distributer price
  5. DonJ

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    Mar 5, 2002
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    6ave.com has the NHT VT 1.4 for only 499.97 a pair!!!!!that less than half retail. IMO no brainer
  6. Bill Polley

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    Apr 18, 2002
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    After reading your post I had 2 suggestions, but the first 2 replies took care of them. Buy the SVS 25-31PCi tuned to 22hz for $500, the Radio Shack SPL meter for $40, and the Avia test disk for $40. With shipping they will be just over $600 for the 3. Then calibrate your system. The change will probably be astonishing.
    If you could sell your speakers and sub for a decent price, you could buy 5 identical Axiom M2ti speakers for $460 plus shipping. this will give you very good sound and a perfect timbre match. (Axiom will sell speakers in pairs and in singles.
    Keep the Kenwood for now, it has DPLII and should have enough power if all speakers are set to "small" and the sub to "on". The SVS is powered so even the Kenwood's built in amps should not be a big problem when only driving mid-bass and above.
    Once the real bug hits, you will want to upgrade the receiver. Then separates. Then better speakers. Then a front projector and screen. Then bass traps and heavy curtains. A top-notch remote. Power filter. Then you will want to tear out the whole room and start over.[​IMG]

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