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50 dvds fs - shipping included!!! (1 Viewer)

Dennis Mc

Second Unit
Jul 15, 2001
Selling as a lot only. Will not seperate. Shipping is included in the price. All DVD's are in mint condition.
Here are the titles.
01. Remember the Titans
02. Mission to Mars
03. World is not enough (007)
04. Valentine
05. A time to kill
06. Above the Law
07. All the pretty horses
08. Autumn in New York
09. Angela's Ashes
10. Bait
11. Bedazzled
12. What lies beneath
13. Blair Witch 2 - Book of Shadows
14. Contender, the
15. Coyote Ugly
16. Die Hard (Trilogy set)
17. Die Hard 2 (Trilogy set)
18. Die Hard 3 (Trilogy set)
19. Get Carter
20. Haunting, the
21. Jurassic Park (in box set)
22. Jurassic Park 2 (in box set)
23. Men of Honor
24. Say it isn't so
25. Space Cowboys
26. Under Siege
27. Urban Legends - Final Cut
28. Stepmom
29. The Watcher US Marshals - Special Edition
30. U571 - Collectors Edition
31. Dogma (Factory Sealed)
32. Perfect Storm (Factory Sealed)
33. Any Given Sunday (Factory Sealed)
34. Road Trip - Unrated Uncensored (Factory Sealed)
35. Xmen (Factory Sealed)
36. Me, Myself & Irene - SE
37. Lethal Weapon (Factory Sealed)
38. Bodyguard, the
39. Analyze This (Deniro)
40. Psycho 2
41. Wishmaster (Wes Craven)
42. Lethal Weapon 4
43. Frequency
44. I still know what you did last summer
45. Rocky 2
46. Predator
47. Billy Elliot
48. Spies Like Us
49. Monkey Bone
50. Prelude to a kiss
Take all 50 titles, shipping included for 500.00
I'll even throw in the Spawn animated box set of 4 dvds!
Email me if interested.
[email protected]

Marc Carra

Supporting Actor
Aug 31, 1997
I just thought I'd let everyone know that I have completed trades and sales with Dennis, and he is a great guy to deal with. On one of our trades , the discs I sent him were accidentally sent to his previous address. To my knowledge, he never found them, YET still did not hesitate to follow through on his end of the trade. He's a top notch trader!

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