5-way binding posts versus sping clips

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    First off, I apologize if this seems like a stupid question or has been addressed before:

    Regarding the "performance" advantages of 5-way binding post terminals over spring clips. I know the spring clips are cheap and considered one of the most disgusting, corner-cutting methods on budget receivers but what is the audible difference? It seems there is great shame if an audiophile has to admit they have spring clips and not binding posts. In fact they wouldn't even be considered an audiophile. If 24k gold plated pins are being used with the spring clips and solid contact is being made is there still a significant difference audibly to that of the 5-way’s?


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    5 Way Binding Posts do not AudioPhile Speakers make...
    Okay, Yoda mode off...

    The biggest advantage of a 5 Way Binding Post is it's
    flexibility. You have many connection options to please
    everyone with 5 ways, where as with spring clips you are
    stuck using pins if you have anything larger than 18 or
    16 awg cable (which you will if you have long runs of
    cable or like using larger diameter cables for peace of

    Is there an audible difference? To be honest I highly doubt
    any "Audiophile" could hear a difference as long as the
    connection is clean.

    You will have more surface area touching with a Spade on a
    5 Way post (probably 60% more contact) which is never a bad

    But as long as the contact you have with a spring and pin
    setup is clean and free of oxidization you shouldn't have
    any problems and I doubt you would hear a difference much
    less see a resistance difference with a multimeter.

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